Facebook is frustrating on many levels. For example, I create a group to compliment our on-air “Classifieds” program and call it “Martinsville Classifieds.” There are about 2,600 members now. A few weeks ago I posted in the Martinsville Classifieds group that I created, a need for someone who knows how to align C-Band satellite dishes. No one responded. Yesterday I discovered Facebook had banned my listing on my own group’s page. The reason? They suspected I was trying to sell an animal, firearms, or something illegal. Boy does someone need to tweak that algorithm. I wasn’t trying to sell anything, but hire someone, and how aligning a satellite dish looks like an animal, a gun, or anything remotely illegal is beyond me. My recourse, appeal the decision. Haven’t heard back yet.

Yesterday my phone starts showing one of those red dots that tells me I’m neglecting something online. This dot was telling me I had a message on facebook messenger. I checked and the message was from facebook telling me to turn the notifications for facebook messenger on, on my phone. I don’t know about you, but people “wave” at me and send all manner of unimportant messages that ding my phone and distract me from getting work done with the notifications are turned on. The only way I could get the red dot to go away is to turn the notifications on and then back off. An hour later, the red dot appears with the same message from facebook. As a result, I’ve disabled facebook messenger altogether and deleted the app from my phone. Facebook says all the messages should go in my inbox now for viewing when I please. We’ll see how that works out.