For two days a lady kept hearing the cries of a 3-week old kitten stuck in a storm drain leading away from her house and for two days she tried in vain to get the kitten loose. Nothing worked, so she got word to the local SPCA and on a Saturday night on labor day weekend, Operation – Save Jesse was underway.

Corky Bryant of Bryant Landscaping led the effort by digging a five-foot hole over three straight hours. When he finally reached the pipe, it had to be cut in order to reach the muddy, frightened, 8-ounce kitten – soaking wet. The saved feline was named “Jesse” and he’s in the SPCA’s version of intensive care. The workers say it’ll be touch and go for a while, and he might not make it. If he does, recovery from the ordeal will take awhile.

Donations are being taken to help with the costs of the care. Mark you contribution “Critical Care for Jesse” and send it to the SPCA at 132 Joseph Martin Highway, Martinsville, VA, 24112.

And for all your efforts on a rainy holiday weekend, kudos to Corky Bryant and the SPCA! Job well done. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed.