I’ve got some advice for you for Black Friday, don’t go! Stay at home! It’s a trick! If you think those big sales are as big as they say they are, let me know, there’s swampland in Florida that’s a real steal right now. If this whole “consumer holiday” isn’t scary enough with people trampling on top of each other to get the last flat screen TV on the shelf, try to wrap your head around the fact that last year, we Americans spent $5 billion dollars online in 24 hours! How insane is that!

Look, just as there is usually some truth in every lie, there is also a few legitimate deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the truth is, most everything that has a sale sign on it is more or less the same price any other time and Consumer Reports says their research actually shows the real “best buys” are the week before Thanksgiving, not the day after.

I worked in retail for a couple of years for a national electronics company. They put me in their manager trainee program and sent me to classes once a week. I’ll never forget the Regional Manager telling everyone the company’s marketing plan for having a storewide sale “You double the price on everything and mark it half-off” he said.”