On December 23rd at approximately 9:18 AM, a Martinsville Police officer attempted to stop a Toyota Camery due to lack of registration on the vehicle. When the officer activated his blue lights, two passengers leapt from the moving vehicle. The vehicle did not stop for the officer’s lights and siren but lead the officer through a moderate speed chase through the uptown area including the parking lot of the police department. Once the chase left the city the suspect increased her speed. The chase lasted for 11 minutes until the suspect stopped and surrendered without incident. Melody Jean Smallwood was the driver of the vehicle and was arrested.

Melody Jean Smallwood (age 43) of Greensboro, North Carolina was charged with felony attempt to elude, no driver’s license, no vehicle insurance, no registration, and possession of marijuana. She is being held without bail at the Martinsville City Jail. Ms. Smallwood was wanted out of Missouri for fail to appear for possession of a scheduled drug. Officials in Missouri are being contacted to advise them of Ms. Smallwood’s location.

One of the passengers, Dean Hall, who leapt from the vehicle was transported and then released from the emergency room due to minor injuries from hitting the ground. Mr. Hall was later arrested for obstruction of justice.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police helped to bring the chase to a quick and safe conclusion.