The first internet service we had here at Martinsville Media was with Sitestar, a locally owned company that purchased wholesale dialup and DSL service from CenturyLink and resold it along with their services.

It wasn’t long before CenturyLink realized they could sell internet service directly to their customers, cut out the middleman and increase the profit.

Things were looking up for CenturyLink, not so good for Sitestar until Comcast realized their big ole’ cable could deliver internet with much faster speeds than a copper telephone line could. Hence, the rise of Comcast as an internet provider and the decline of CenturyLink.

Little known during this time is a gem in the bowels of the city called “MINet.” It’s served over a fiber optic system that reaches around the city and has provided internet service to the city, city affiliates, and local businesses for years.

We have service with CenturyLink, Comcast, and MINet and having used all three for an extended period of time I can give you a first-hand report and comparison:

All three get my stamp of approval, but by far, the most reliable, the most superior, and the best value is MINet. I can say without any hesitation that if MINet is available where I need it, it would be my first choice. I envy the first residents that will get to try the service for free and discover what I already know, but I am also encouraged that this is a step by the city to eventually extend this service to all. It’s about time.