Martinsville City Public Schools Superintendent Zeb Talley announced today members of a new committee for the construction of a new community gym to be built on the Martinsville High School site. The members are: Tim Byrd, Clay Campbell, Travis Clemons, A. J. Dixon, Angilee Downing, Tony Jones, Terry Knighten, L. D. Oakes, Heidi Pinkston, Alan Preston, Paulette Simington, Randolph Thomas, and Philip Wenkstern. Two alumni student members will be added at a later date and will be announced at that time.

Martinsville High School underwent a $9 million dollar renovation is 2013. The architects designed plans for a $6.4 million dollar, 2,500-seat gym that was not included. The School Board included the gym in its six-year plan with a goal of completed construction by 2022.

Talley tell us the tentative plan is to build the gym beside the library, but the committee will determine the feasibility of that plan.

“The gym has been announced and a committee has been selected. This will be a community effort through fundraising events and alumni participation,” Talley said.

Martinsville High School was built in 1969, but continues to use the gym on Cleveland Avenue that was constructed in 1939, affectionately known as “The Dog House.”.