My career in TV ownership has been eventful, and Comcast, hands down, has provided the most frustration and stress of anything along the way. They have been a thorn in my side throughout, and I have reached a point where my business model will no longer include them. Of course, they could care less. That, in itself, is the Company’s problem, they reek with carelessness and unconcern for their customers and business associations.

WYAT-TV has been serving the community 16 years. During that time our programming has been available on Comcast in Martinsville and Henry County and on Chatmoss Cable for the area they serve. As of yesterday morning, Comcast has put up a slate where our channel used to be that says “The station previously carried on this cable channel is no longer in operation.” That is false. We are still in operation and our new high definition signal continues on Chatmoss Cable.

The Federal Government recently took back the frequencies they had licensed to people like me to broadcast local television. The cell phone companies found they could use the frequencies to grow their lucrative business so they talked the Government into seizing the frequencies and auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Imagine someone seizing your business and putting it up for auction without regard to your rights. It’s “eminent domain” in its worst form. T-Mobile was awarded our frequency in the auction and compassionately allowed me to share my frequency with them for a time. That time has come to an end. Our method of distribution had to change. We installed high definition equipment to provide Comcast and Chatmoss Cable with a much improved signal. Chatmoss Cable accepted the new signal and we now look the best we ever have there. Comcast put up a slate.