Captain Wayne Davis with the Henry County Sheriff’s Department asked us to pass this along…

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office strives to keep our citizens aware of the latest scam methods. We have received complaints that people are receiving calls stating they represent AEP (American Electric Power) and they may say APCo (Appalachian Power Company). The caller will state the power to the residence will be cut off within an hour or so if a specified amount is not paid immediately. This is completely a scam.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office checked with Appalachian Power which serves our area and this is how a legitimate past due/disconnect would be handled. If a person is behind on their Appalachian Power bill, either a letter will be mailed with the regular bill or it may be mailed within a few days afterward. This letter will state the overdue amount and notify them their electricity can be disconnected if not paid. Their regular bill and this letter will have instructions on how to make a payment. The customer can call Bill Matrix at 1-800-611-0964 to make a payment. This number will be on the disconnect letter and is on their monthly bill statement. They can also go to the Appalachian Power website at to pay. If the person does not use either of these methods, they will likely receive an automated phone call from Appalachian Power or it may be an actual person. This call is another attempt to notify of an overdue balance, but this person or call will not take payment over the phone. These calls will again direct the person to Bill Matrix or the website.

If needed, we remind people that Appalachian Power has contracted with local offices where a bill can be paid and one of these places is the Henry County Treasurer’s Office on Kings Mountain Rd. The Treasurer’s Office is a location an Appalachian Power bill can be paid, but they DO NOT negotiate charges owed. It is just for bill payment ONLY.