New feature starting today. Occasionally I’m asked my opinion on a given matter. I don’t consider my opinion any more valuable or any more “right” than the next person, which is why you are welcome to offer your comments in agreement or to the contrary below.

Here we go…


Bill, Donald Trump is calling out a dead hero. 7-months in the grave and he’s bad-mouthing McCain for no good reason. How can you possibly think this is appropriate?


Rude in Ohio


Dear Rude in Ohio,

I think it is completely inappropriate. Even a lack of pulse doesn’t make one immune to the verbal wrath of our President.

Trump should give it a rest. It’s disrespectful. If he doesn’t, the nation and McCain’s family should ignore it. It’s not worthy of a response.

The nature of a person intentionally disrespecting others this way is almost always because of the attention it brings. If you don’t bat the ball back, then it’s no fun for them.

Remember, you don’t control what others do or say, but you have complete control over how you respond, and no response at all is always an option.