Sometime after legendary news director Owen Hall passed away, I took over the job and needed a desk from which to work. Others had taken over his desk, so I was given what was commonly described as “Barbara Harding’s old office.” Her name was a relevant example of the excellence the talent of WMVA was known for and set the bar for those that aspired to be the best they could be in the business of broadcasting.

Unbeknown to me, our local historian, Carl DeHart, contacted Barbara Harding at her home in Florida and gave her my contact information. She surprised me with a phone call on my morning talk show one morning and we had a delightful time.

Several days later I received the following letter from Barbara.

Letter from Barbara Harding

Barbara passed away in January of 2015. Her obituary notes she was a Martinsville High School graduate who studied voice, creative writing and technical radio at Averett University in Danville. She became the first female announcer at WMVA with her Saturday morning show, “By Request.” She was also the secretary, treasurer, and program director when she moved away in 1961.