The filing deadline for this November’s General Election passed quietly Tuesday night at 7 PM.

In Henry County, the Sheriff’s race will have 3 names on the ballot Lane Perry, John Cassell, and Jerry Farmer. Scott Grindstaff is running unopposed for Treasurer, Linda Love is running unopposed for Commissioner of Revenue, and Marshall A. Nester is running unopposed for Commonwealth’s Attorney. For School Board, Cherie J. Whitlow of Collinsville and Shelira D. Morrison of Axton are both running for the at-large seat, Teddy D. Martin, II is running unopposed in the Reed Creek District, Francis E. Zehr is running unopposed in the Ridgeway District, Terri C. Flanagan is unopposed in the Horsepasture District. For the Board of Supervisors, Thomas Slaughter is unopposed in Reed Creek, Ryan Zehr is unopposed in Ridgeway, and Debra Buchanan is unopposed in Horsepasture.

In the city, Ashby Pritchett, Clerk of Court, is running unopposed for another 8-year term.