Martinsville Registrar, Cindi Barbour, has distributed paperwork related to this year’s General Election. Martinsville residents will choose between incumbent Bill Stanley and Sherman Witcher for the 20th District of the State Senate. 16th District residents will choose between incumbent Les Adams and dustin Evans for House of Delegates. Ashby Pritchett is running unopposed for another 8-year term as Clerk of Court. Applications are being accepted now for an absentee ballot by calling 276-403-5122. Absentee voting begins at 1 PM, Friday, September 20th. The deadline to register is Tuesday, October 15th, and the deadline to submit an absentee ballot is 5 PM, Tuesday, October 29th. The Elections and Voter Registration Office will be open for Absentee Voting on October 26th and November 2nd from 9 AM to 5 PM both days for anyone unable to go to the polls on Election Day.