After two shootings at Walmart stores this summer, the retailer is discontinuing sales of certain ammunition, and requesting that customers no longer openly carry firearms in its stores – the latter position now being adopted by Kroger as well.

As part of a Citywide maintenance program, the Martinsville Fire Department will begin flushing the fire hydrants Sunday through Saturday between 4:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Hydrants are also inspected and repaired as needed. Periodic flushing is necessary to clear normal sediment from lines. Because sediment will be disturbed, some dingy water can be expected, but should disappear in a short time. Any persistent cloudiness can usually be cleared by briefly opening all faucets in the building simultaneously. Residents are cautioned to avoid clothes washing if they are aware of hydrants being flushed nearby because clothes can be stained until the water clears.

Judge Greer ruled the owners of Blue Ridge Nursing Home are in contempt of court. A motion by court-appointed receiver Suzanne Roski had said that she was being denied key information and access to records in her effort to keep open the financially struggling Blue Ridge Rehab Center skilled nursing facility and Blue Ridge Manor assisted living facility in Martinsville. Circuit Court Judge G. Carter Greer agreed that the defendants were in contempt of his order to comply from earlier this summer and must provide all access and information Roski requires or be fined $1,000 for each day they fail to do so.

At least seven deaths from Hurricane Dorian have been reported in the Bahamas, but the full scope of the disaster is still unknown. As Dorian exits the Bahamas, the Category 2 storm is turning toward the northwest as it heads for the North Carolina coast. A Hurricane Warning has been issued for the Wilmington area as Hurricane Dorian moves up the East Coast after causing catastrophic damage in the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian is expected to brush against the North Carolina coast Thursday and into Friday morning, prompting evacuations ahead of the storm. Evacuations have been ordered for North Carolina’s Outer Banks.