Residents should be prepared for officials flushing fire hydrants within the city. As part of a citywide water system and fire hydrant maintenance program, the City of Martinsville Water Resources and Fire Department crews will be systematically flushing fire hydrants. According to officials, hydrants will be flushed Monday, Sept. 9 through Friday, Sept. 27 between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m. Individual hydrants will be inspected more closely and repaired, if necessary, over several weeks after flushing is completed. Also, starting this week, there are certain times the city says you should not wash your clothes. They said periodic flushing is needed to clear out sediment to make sure hydrants are functional for fire protection purposes but that sediment can stain your clothes if it’s drawn into your washing machine. The city will follow a schedule on when and where they will be flushing hydrants:

Sept. 9-13: All areas north of Jones Creek, beginning in the vicinity of the City Water Treatment Plant on Clearview Drive and continuing on Barrows Mill Road, Greyson St, Liberty St, Stultz Road, and all adjacent streets, including Northside Dr. and Memorial Hospital.

Sept. 6-20: Village of Martinsville and Commonwealth Blvd. To Memorial Blvd. Entire Chatham Rd including all adjacent streets, beginning at Commonwealth Blvd and continuing outside the City to Woodhaven Rd, plus streets in the Bethel Lane area.

Sept. 23-27: Uptown areas from Memorial Blvd. to Starling Ave., including Church St, Main St, Fayette St, Market St. and all adjacent streets.

Flushing schedules will be announced later for the remaining portions of the city.