While I’m glad a company is doing business in Henry County and creating new jobs as a result, I’m perplexed as to how we’ve managed to turn what would have been considered a loss a generation ago into a win today.

On the one-hand, a Canadian lumber company has managed a successful operation by buying up little lumber companies in distressed areas on their last leg, and turning them around. That’s essentially what one of the owners said yesterday while accepting an incentive check from the Harvest Foundation. They intend to hire about 60 some new sawmillers and it’s only reasonable to think the Harvest Foundation will at least initially fund that new payroll.

On the other hand, a Canadian company has bought a local company and although it’s nice to have them do business here and employ some of our skilled workers, the profits from their labor will go to Canada, they won’t be reinvested in Henry County.

All too often the successes of today typically fall short of their promises and fold when the incentive money runs out. Until we start helping ourselves instead of paying outsiders to come help us, we’ll miss the mark clearly understood by the entrepreneurs that made this area what it once was.