The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to fall off of trees, indeed it is beginning to look and feel much like fall. As a child, fall was a sad, depressing time of year. Green turned brown, and the long, cold days of winter loomed not too far in the distance. Spring was the exciting prelude to new birth and life while fall was the prelude to death, dark and cold.

It’s funny how time changes the way you see things. Summer heat now saps my energy and makes me sleepy. I find the cooler temperatures of fall invigorating. Shorter days make it easier to call it quits at a more reasonable hour and enjoy a bit more of the evening with friends and family. In short, life becomes comfortable again.

I now embrace this time of year we call “Autumn.” So bring on the pumpkins, bring on the football, give me the baseball playoffs, and lets enjoy the end of summer and the temperate climate of the season.