Henry County schools join Martinsville, Patrick, Franklin, and Pittsylvania County school systems as being fully accredited for the 2019-2020 school year. 92 percent of of public schools in Virginia are now classified as being fully accredited.

Below is the press release from Henry County Schools

School division accreditation ratings were released by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) today.

Based on spring 2019 results, all Henry County Public Schools will be designated as Accredited. For Accreditation, a school must achieve an adjusted pass rate of 75 percent in English (includes reading and writing) and 70 percent in mathematics, science, and history/social science.

“Student success can be measured in multiple ways. The VA Standards of Learning Assessments are one way to measure success. I am so happy for the students, teachers, staff, and administrators at all of our schools. It took the hard work of everyone to accomplish this goal.,” said Lisa Millner, HCPS Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Student growth is based on the previous years tested subject score and the corresponding year’s score. A student that does not pass their SOL but show significant improvement from year 1 to year 2 is considered a pass for the school due to growth. This growth model is only used in Elementary and Middle School in the contents of Math and English(Reading). The EL growth is based on the students WIDA: Access 2.0 growth and if a student shows significant growth on their scale then that student is considered a pass for the school and counted as a passing score in the content area of English(Reading).

“Our students work diligently each day to exceed the learning goals set before them. This demonstration of their growth and success is one of the many ways they are showing that they are ready for a successful future,” said Superintendent Mrs. Sandy Strayer, adding, “We are grateful to the members of the school community who have supported each Henry County student in reaching his/her individual goals.”