There was a head-on collision around 8 o-clock Saturday night on 58 in Horsepasture. A head-on collision means someone was on the wrong side of the road, right?

Photo by Daniel Turner

Interesting to note, a red car matching the same description of the one in the wreck Saturday night was photographed waiting at the stop light on Kings Mountain Road on the wrong side of the road.

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A Lundberg survey reports the highest gas in the nation is $3.94 in San Francisco and the lowest is $2.24 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The survey must have excluded Martinsville. The Valero on A.L. Philpott Highway is selling gas for $2.22 a gallon this morning.

Corcoran is no Clower. Every time I read an article about Brad Corcoran, former Eden City Manager, it always includes “Henry County native.” Why is that? What’s the significance of him being from Henry County? For those not familiar, Corcoran was caught padding the time cards of his kids who worked summers for the City.

Bread Corcoran

The only significance I can see of Corcoran being a Henry County native is a possible veiled reference to former Henry County Administrator, Sid Clower, who was not a native of Henry County, and was convicted of embezzling more than three-quarters of a million dollars. I’m not sure what Corcoran’s deal was, but I know it was stupid. No one can convince me padding the children’s summer job payroll is worth risking your career, reputation, and six-figure income. Clower’s actions were nearly diabolical. Not only did he pilfer the county coffers, he used it to live a lifestyle he otherwise couldn’t afford, and hired or provided opportunity for henchmen to expand the exploitation of Henry County in a way that was without comparison.

Sid Clower
(Photo by Martinsville Bulletin)

Finally, articles about the deranged 18-year-old from Pittsylvania County who killed his mother, sister, and 14-month old nephew are saying he “was operating under religious motivation.” That bothers me. He may have thought he was operating under religious motivation, but the result of his operation was evil, pure evil, and that kind of motivation comes from the devil.

Matthew Bernard