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Survey shows Americans nervous about their driving skills after all that locking down


While few can argue that ending COVID-19 pandemic restrictions isn’t a good thing, all that staying at home has apparently taken a toll on our driving skills. 

Thirty-seven percent of the respondents in a new survey admit they’ve entirely forgotten how to drive.

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans commissioned by Nextbase Dash Cams revealed that 47% say they haven’t driven more than 50 miles per month since the pandemic began. As a result, 35% say their driving skills aren’t what they used to be pre-COVID, and 39% say they’re more nervous driving now than they ever have been. Thirty-four percent said they’d like to re-take driver’s ed  to get more comfortable behind the wheel.

For those who have ventured out on the road, 53% of respondents said the highways and byways have been a “free-for-all” post-lockdown, as people got used to driving — and not following the rules — when there were fewer cars on the road. 

As a result, 46% of respondents say they’ve become increasingly annoyed at other drivers: 33% say they’re using their horns more than ever; 25% say they’ve flashed their lights at annoying motorists; and 21% have even yelled out the window at other drivers. Fifteen percent admit they’ve cut off other drivers to express their discontent.

Nexbase director Richard Browning explains, “[W]e’ve seen a significant increase in shared consumer dash cam video vividly documenting incidents of dangerous driving and road rage.”

Considering this, it’s no surprise that 39% of respondents said they’re more anxious about driving now than ever.

All of this is especially bad considering 62% of those surveyed said they plan to take a road trip of 100 miles or more this summer.

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