Henderson Appointed as PHCC’s Newest Executive Staff Member

Henderson Appointed as PHCC’s Newest Executive Staff Member
Brian Henderson / PHCC

He has not even been in office for a month, but Patrick Henry Community College’s new president, Dr. Greg Hodges, is making a significant change. He is adding a new member to the college’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). As a member of the leadership cabinet, this new administrator will have a seat at the table –helping shape the college’s future.

This new position is the Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement and Inclusion. To this new role, Hodges is appointing Brian Henderson. Before this appointment, Henderson was serving as the college’s Athletic Director. In his new role, Henderson will continue to act in this capacity — overseeing all aspects of the college’s intercollegiate athletics and intramural sports. In addition, Henderson will now be responsible for the administration of co-curricular operations and will provide leadership for student engagement, inclusion, and retention efforts across campus.

“I am delighted to welcome Brian Henderson to my Executive Leadership Team,” says Hodges. “He has led our institution through a major expansion of athletics that is reaping significant benefits for our campus and our community. While continuing to serve as our Athletic Director, Coach Henderson will now assist us in developing our institution’s new strategic plan which will align with the Virginia Community College System’s statewide plan entitled Opportunity 2027.”

Henderson received his Master’s degree in Sports Management from Virginia State University in 2007 and began working at PHCC as the Head Women’s Basketball Coach in 2012. In 2014, Henderson was promoted to Athletic Director. For several years, Henderson was also responsible for much of PHCC’s campus life activities before the college hired a full-time Campus Life Coordinator. In 2020, Henderson was appointed as the chair of the Equity Alliance and Response Committee. In many ways, Henderson’s new position incorporates elements from each of his previous roles. As the Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement and Inclusion, Henderson will lean on the experiences he gained while working in athletics, campus life, and diversity to oversee these same areas from a new seat.

Said Henderson: “I’d like to thank Dr. Hodges and the ELT for welcoming me into this new role. While this is a new title, my goals for the students of PHCC have not changed.”