Friday, May 27, 2022
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We’ve been hacked

We’ve been hacked

In the wee hours Saturday night / Sunday morning, some degenerate with nothing to gain but robbing us of a week’s worth of our valuable time hacked into our site and installed a simple file, thousands of times over, throughout the folders and subfolders of our server’s sites.

The effect of this file rendered all of the webpages of our sites unaccessible by you and by us. We were locked out of our own store and there we were with you on the outside with no way to get in.

We are very disappointed in our host for basically running away at the site of a malware attack. You’d think someone with covid just sneezed in their face.

“Secure your server,” they said and without so much as an encouraging word, they closed our support ticket and considered their responsibility to us resolved.

After we cut the hacker’s locks off and got back inside, we started manually removing the thousands of files that had been installed, one-by-one. We couldn’t find a utility to automate a process that could discern between the bad files and the good files with the same name.

This could have all be resolved very quickly had our host validated our server back-up file we provided them. They maintained the file was not a complete backup and wouldn’t serve our purposes.

After looking at the backup file, we decided they were wrong, called their bluff and insisted that our server be restored with the backup file, now over a week old.

The backup was installed and our server was restored overnight last night and all systems are back up and operational today, although you may notice a week’s lag in content for the period we were down.

For those of you who have business with us and are accustomed to FTP access or similar, be sure to reach out to us if you are unable to connect. Our firewall is at maximum security at present and will remain so until we more clearly learn how this happened and what we need to do to prevent it from happening again.

The moral of the story: keep your backups and security current and active, and be prepared to solve your own problem if you’re hacked. We found support for this type of issue practically non-existent.

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