Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Henry County burn ban lifted

Henry County burn ban lifted

The county-wide ban on outdoor burning, as authorized by Henry County Code Sec. 9-202, has been lifted effective Jan. 4, 2022.

While the recent rainfall and snow have made conditions favorable enough to continue outdoor burning, the public should still exercise safe practices.

Examples of these include: never leaving a fire unattended, accounting for windy conditions that could spread the fire and having an extinguishing agent, such as water or a rake, nearby at all times.

A state-wide law on open-air burning will be in effect from Feb. 15-Apr. 30. The law prohibits burning before 4 p.m. each day if the fire is in, or within 300 feet, of woodland, brush or fields containing dry grass or other flammable materials.

Please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 276-634-4660 with any questions.

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