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No rate increases proposed in next PSA budget

No rate increases proposed in next PSA budget

The Henry County Public Service Authority (PSA) unveiled a proposed budget during its April 18 regular meeting that would have no rate adjustments for water and wastewater services in fiscal year (FY) 2022-2023.

If passed, this would be the tenth consecutive year without a rate increase for the PSA.

The current rate for residential users is $30/month while non-residential users pay $45/month, both based on 4,000 gallons/month. Industrial users are charged $68/month based on 6,000 gallons/month.

While there isn’t a rate increase recommended for the next fiscal year, staff is recommending a rate study be conducted to have data available should an increase be needed in the future. This data could also be beneficial when researching certain grant and loan opportunities.

Overall, the budget for the PSA would decrease by 5.2 percent from $12,635,578 in FY2021-22 to $11,976,319 in FY2022-23. Much of the decrease can be attributed to various capital items being completed in the prior year, such as the renovation of the Philpott Water Plant.

Even with the decreased budget, employees of the PSA would receive a 6 percent raise.
Following the presentation of the proposed budget, the PSA Board of Directors decided to conduct a work session on May 16 at 5:30 p.m. before its next regular meeting.

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