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Fowlkes named Vet of the Year

Fowlkes name Vet of the Year
W.C. Fowlkes speaks after receiving Veteran of the Year Award (Martinsville Bulletin)

W.C. Fowlkes was named Veteran of the Year at a Veteran’s Day Service at the HJDB Event Center on Friday. The award is by the local Veteran Service Organization and has been presented each year since 1992. Russell Stone was presented with the Outstanding Veteran Award by the Henry County Board of Supervisors and Martinsville City Council. The ward was created in 2009 to honor a veteran representative of service to both country and community. 

WRITE IN: The balance of the Senate now expected to remain in the hands of the Democrats after Nevada’s Senate race overnight projected to go to Catherine Cortez Masto…leaving Republicans now examining their 2024 strategy ahead of former President Trump’s major announcement in the coming days. ABC’s Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl has more:

VERBATIM: Republicans have been believing that they were going to pick up several seats in the Senate, certainly win control of the Senate. They believed they were looking at a pretty big majority in the House. None of that is going to happen, they may have a very slim majority so look, a lot of Republicans are saying publicly that they think it’s time to move on past Donald Trump.

High pressure along with colder air and gusty wind will build across the eastern United States today and will be centered over the Ohio Valley on Monday. Low pressure will track from the Southern Plains to the Tennessee Valley bringing the chance for mixed winter precipitation to the Mid Atlantic region followed by rain for Tuesday and Tuesday night. Dry weather is expected Wednesday and Thursday under high pressure.

WRITE IN: Americans are facing a triple health threat heading into the winter. Covid, respiratory viruses, and the flu are ticking up in some areas of the country. Flu season has hit early with nearly 3 million cases, according to the CDC. And pediatric cases are surging nationwide. ABC’s Michelle Franzen reports health officials are sounding the alarm ahead of the holidays.

VERBATIM: The number of flu cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have nearly doubled for the second straight week, according to the CDC. ABC News Medical Contributor Doctor Darien Sutton on why it’s so concerning. ((These are some of the highest numbers we’ve not only seen in the past two to three years but in the past ten years.)) Fourteen states, along with New York City and Washington D,C,. are showing high levels of flu-like activity. Sutton says as people gather for the holidays, it creates the perfect recipe for viruses to spread. ((The majority of cases that I’m diagnosing and that we’re seeing across the country, are Influenza A which is typically more associated to a more aggressive season – so that, combined with the rising rates of RSV, and a slowly-smoldering, slightly increasing rate of COVID-19 – we’re really trying to prepare ourselves for crowded emergency rooms, long wait times and overcrowded hospitals.)) Health experts are urging people to get their shots for the best protection during and after the holidays. ((for the Thanksgiving period and on, so on, and Christmas and New Year’s)) Michelle Franzen, ABC News.

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