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UVA shooting suspect in custody

UVA shooting suspect in custody
Christopher Darnell Jones Jr.

WRITE IN: A suspect is in custody in Virginia…after an overnight manhunt to find the shooter who opened fire aboard a bus at the University of Virginia. Police say Christopher Darnell Jones Junior…was arrested without incident off-campus. Authorities believe Jones…who was listed as a U-V-A football player in 2018 college materials, but who reportedly never played in a game…on Sunday night shot and killed three University football players and wounded two other people. Police also saying…someone not affiliated with the college has come forward to say Jones told them he owned a gun. Former FBI agent and ABC contributor Brad Garrett tells us….this fact pattern…has become all too typical for authorities:

VERBATIM: It’s a great example of when you have concerns about a student, about violence, about aggressions, about firearms, but you don’t have anything specific like a threat, or that he actually pulled a gun out and pointed it at somebody in the past that might be a chargeable offense. This is what law enforcement deals with every day in mass shootings, where we just don’t have enough information to arrest someone.

WRITE IN: An early taste of winter. It’s pretty much cold everywhere, as a major storm moves east, bringing a chance of heavy snow with it. ABC News Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano has an update…

VERBATIM: The lower 48 with the below average temperatures and now we’ve got a little disturbance coming out of the Rockies, some moisture coming out of the Gulf and winter weather advisories up for parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. This system makes its way towards the Great Lakes and the Northeast. Some rain heading into places like Atlanta and then by Wednesday, potentially seeing some heavy snow across northern New England.

Low pressure will track from the Southern Plains to the Tennessee Valley today and tonight, bringing the chance for light wintry mixed precipitation to the Mid-Atlantic on Tuesday morning, followed by rain during the afternoon into Tuesday night. Dry weather is expected Wednesday and Thursday under high pressure, with chilly temperatures persisting into the end of the week.

WRITE IN: New and improved booster shots from Moderna are working. ABC s Derricke Dennis reports.

VERBATIM: Moderna out with new data on its bi-valent booster shot, saying it performs better against omicron sub variants than the company’s original shot, producing antibody responses more than 15 times greater. It’s similar to a recent announcement from Pfizer, touting its booster effectiveness. The CDC says more than 31 million eligible Americans have received the new updated boosters. The CDC also says COVID in the U.S. is relatively stable, with cases rising only slightly as hospitalizations and deaths remain relatively flat. Derricke Dennis, ABC News.

WRITE IN: Hospitals around the country – flooded with flu patients…along with victims of other seasonal viruses ….all coming early this year. Health officials warning about vaccination fatigue. ABC’s Matt Gutman explains from hard-hit California. (Gutman is in Burbank) (California is one of 22 states with high or very high levels of the flu.) (Flu infections, hospitalizations and deaths have almost doubled over the past week — those numbers nearly doubling from the week before. And 78 percent of the beds at children’s hospitals nationwide are filled with RSV patients.)officials warning about vaccination fatigue

VERBATIM: About ten percent of Americans so far have opted for the latest COVID booster and fewer Americans than last year have taken the flu vaccine, which is one reason that experts are urging Americans ahead of the holidays and those hugs with loved ones to get that COVID booster and the flu shot now, so you can start building protection ahead of Thanksgiving.

WRITE IN: With the holiday season right around the corner, thousands of families in Wake County, North Carolina need some help spreading the Christmas cheer this year. The Salvation Army of Wake County is sponsoring an Angel Tree at the local Crabtree Mall with more than 6600 kids on the tree where generous donors can “adopt” the angel and shop for clothes, necessities and even toys for families who would normally go without. Lt. Alison Hamilton with the Salvation Army tells ABC News that this program can really help struggling parents who usually have a lot of stress this time of year:

VERBATIM: It takes a lot of stress off of them during the holidays because you’re thinking how am I going to get gifts from my children and how am I going to provide Christmas for my kids?

In high school football: Martinsville advances to the second round of the playoffs and will face Glenvar on Friday and Bassett moves to the next round and will play Lord Botetourt also on Friday. 

In college basketball: Virginia Tech is 4-0 after a 94-77 win over William & Mary Sunday night. Northern Iowa is at UVA at 8 p.m. tonight,  Gardner-Webb plays at UNC on Tuesday at 8 p.m and Virginia Tech hosts Old Dominion on Thursday at 2 p.m.

In college football: Pittsburgh beat UVA 37-7, Duke downed Virginia Tech 24-7, UNC got by Wake Forest 36-34. On Saturday, Virginia Tech is at Liberty at noon, Coastal Carolina is at UVA at 3:30 p.m. and Georgia Tech is at UNC at 5:30 p.m.

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