Kevin Costner addresses rumors that he’s dating Jewel

Kevin Costner addresses rumors that he’s dating Jewel
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Kevin Costner is clearing up rumors around his dating life, specifically addressing a rumor making recent headlines that he was dating singer Jewel.

The Yellowstone and Horizon: An American Saga star denied a romantic relationship to The Howard Stern Show this week.

“Jewel and I are friends. We’ve never gone out ever,” Costner told Stern.

“She’s special — and … I don’t want these rumors to ruin our friendship because that’s what we have,” he continued. “She’s special to me. She’s beautiful enough to go out with.”

Costner revealed that the two were recently part of a group of nine people that visited Necker Island, Richard Branson‘s private island. Jewel was there for work for her foundation, The Inspiring Children Foundation.

“Richard Branson has been asking me for years to come down … and so I finally did,” Costner explained. “I’m divorced, all of the sudden I’m a single father, and he’s asked me for, you know, 10 years to come down there. I said, ‘Well I guess I’ll go down.'”

Costner said Emma Watson was also in attendance, along with six others. The actor said he heard speculation that just he and Jewel traveled on a private plane together but in reality, they were joined by a few others.

“I don’t want the press to ruin this for us because — I’ve had conversations with her, text-wise, and she’s so smart and she’s been through a lot herself, and so we have a friendship,” Costner said. “We don’t have a romance and we’ve not dated.”

He added, “She’s beautiful and smart enough for all those things. It just has never happened for us … she’s everything you might think, but it just hasn’t happened.”

Costner and his ex-wife Christine finalized their divorce in February, nine months after she filed for divorce in May 2023. The two were married for 19 years.

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