Lindsay Lohan talks ‘Freaky Friday 2,’ friendship with Jamie Lee Curtis

Lindsay Lohan talks ‘Freaky Friday 2,’ friendship with Jamie Lee Curtis
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Lindsay Lohan is “thrilled” about Freaky Friday 2.

The actress, who starred in the first film in 2003 alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, opened up to Good Morning America about the upcoming project, which was announced Monday.

“It’s going to be a really freaky Friday,” Lohan said. “Much freakier than you would expect.”

“It’s fantastic,” she added about reuniting with the cast. “We all just have so much fun and it’s so great to have that on set. You just always really want to have a good time. So it’s a lot of love, a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and it’s a great experience right now.”

When it comes to working with Curtis again, Lohan says its beautiful and that she’s blessed to have Curtis in her life.

“Jamie and I have stayed in touch over the years,” Lohan said. “They always say when you have a best friend or someone that you’re really close with, if you cannot see them for years and years, but when you see them again, it’s like you’ve never separated.”

In the sequel, Curtis and Lohan will reprise their roles as Tess and Anna Coleman. Lohan added that the film will mirror her own life because her character, Anna, is also a mom.

“I do have a daughter in the movie,” Lohan said.

In her own life, Lohan said being a mom to son Luai with husband Bader Shammas brings her the most joy.

“I’m so grateful for every moment of it, just every second,” she said. “Every morning waking up and running to grab my son and just looking at him and when he looks me back in the eyes, just I’m gonna like, get emotional. It’s just the most beautiful. I’m just so grateful every day.”

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